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Supporting you towards increased wellbeing and ease through evidence-based mindfulness training.

Keeping it up.....

It's great to take an eight week course but what happens next? 

 'How do I keep it up?'

It's a really good question. Some course graduates go on to effortlessly bring mindful moments into their every day life, getting more out of apps and other online resources as well as selecting from their toolbox of mindful techniques discovered during the course.

But, how many of us have resolved to do something such as go on a diet, join a gym or have a firm  intention to do something that we know will do us good but, before long,  the energy and enthusiasm goes AWOL?

Well, first of all, just because you lose it for a while, doesn't mean that it's gone for good. Practising Mindfulness is a bit like riding a bike, it comes back without too much effort. 

However, for many of us, meeting with like-minded people can give us the extra encouragement we might need to carry on making it part of our life.

Staying Mindful sessions 

Knowing how important it was for me to join a follow up group, I run online sessions on the second and fourth Wednesday evenings of each month. They are open to those who had been on a course, either with me or elsewhere. 

Mindful Walking sessions at Bodenham Arboretum.  

We all feel better when we get out into nature. Walking slowly and engaging with each of our senses as we do, refreshes and replenishes us for the days ahead.

Retreat Days Subject to places available, course graduates are also invited to join one of the Retreat Days held throughout the year. 

If you have completed an eight week course with me or elsewhere and would like to join any these sessions please get in touch.

Lotus photo by Paul Göran Eidens